eVoice Business VoIP Service Review:

eVoice is a leading Business VoIP Service Provider.  My goal for this review is to introduce to you the features and services eVoice has to offer small business.  The main goal and selling point for eVoice is to keep your life and business in sync.  eVoice VoIP service does this by offering very simple but much needed services, such as, virtual phone numbers, local or toll free numbers, auto attendant, and voicemail to email with 24/7 customer support.

eVoice auto attendant is an excellent service that allows your business to establish the appearance of multiple departments and employees.

eVoice Business VoIP Service offers toll free numbers, or if you prefer to build a local presence they offer local numbers from just about every area code.

eVoice makes it very simple to route your calls to any phone or computer in the world without your caller knowing.  This can be very convenient when you are out of the office and wish to still receive your calls directly from your mobile phone.  To make this process even more integrated the eVoice app will automatically transcribe your voicemails as a text message, so it is very easy to read while in an important meeting or for whatever reason unable to listen.

In summary, eVoice business VoIP service allows for small business to use the technology to present an image of being a big business to create the most professional communications possible.  Though eVoice does not have the large amount of features or services RingCentral has to offer it does successfully offer the most simple integration of the important VoIP services small business owners desperately need to keep up with the competition.

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