eFax Online Fax Service Review:

eFax is the worlds #1 online fax service widely used by individuals and small businesses.  eFax is very easy to use and requires no technical knowledge whatsoever.  The process of sending or receiving faxes are as easy as emailing.  eFax has two options the eFax Plus and eFax Enterprise.  Regardless of which plan you go for eFax has an excellent mobile app to point, shoot, and fax.  eFax offers 800, 866, 877, and 888 toll free numbers at no extra charge.  If you prefer to use a local number no problem eFax has that option as well.

Fax Plus

  • Choose your local or toll free number
  • 150 inbound fax pages per month
  • 150 outbound fax pages per month
  • Lifetime storage

eFax Enterprise provides world class fax to email solutions for all businesses from small to fortune 500.  Over 10 million customers worldwide rely on eFax for a complete corporate solution. eFax enterprise will reduce IT workload, track and archive faxes, manage documents, and many other features.

eFax is the industry leading online fax provider that will surely take care of all online fax needs.

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