A friend is hanging out at your home. They have an important phone call to make but alas, they have no service. With an internet phone you can simply tell them to take a load off and use your line. Rates are inexpensive so you do not have to hover over their shoulder timing their call and wondering where the heck they happen to be calling. Instead, you can feel like a great host and a fabulous friend simply by virtue of having hired a VoIP phone service provider.

Back in the day when land lines were the standard and cellphones were just a zany idea to most of us, making an extended phone call in another person’s phone was sort of unheard of, save for an emergency. Phone bills were untenable and getting reimbursed for long distance charges could cause heaps of trouble. Most people simply would not bother to ask.

These days with a VoIP phone in your home allowing a neighbor or buddy to utilize it’s services just makes more sense. There is generally not much to worry about as far as hidden, unexpected charges on your bill. Instead you get to take on a what’s mine is yours philosophy with your phone.

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